Vermont Stimulus Office Announces $530,000 for Green Jobs Research

Posted: November 18, 2009 

The US Department of Labor announced today that the Vermont Department of Labor, along with seven other states in a joint research consortium, was awarded a four-million dollar grant to study the demand for Green Jobs in our state and the North East regional economy. 
Vermont’s share of this award will be approximately $530,000. Vermont is the lead fiscal administrative state for the project.
The research project is designed to work with the state’s green related industries to establish a common definition and understanding of what Green industries and jobs are in Vermont and across the region. This will include a common set of job titles as well as the skill sets and training necessary to succeed in these jobs. 
More importantly, the project seeks to develop and implement a tool that will measure “real time” job demand for Green jobs by tracking all national online job advertising and parsing that database for Green related jobs by state.  Once established, the tool will also be able to identify increasing demand for jobs any emerging industry as that growth occurs.
Governor James Douglas commented that, “Establishing the demand for green jobs will assist job seekers and Vermont’s workforce development community in providing for the proper training to ensure success in these careers. I am pleased that Vermont will help lead the effort to grow sustainable jobs in the growing Green economy.”