USDA Rural Development Approves Funding for Two Vermont Projects

April 29, 2009

The USDA has approved a combination of grant and loan funding for two water quality projects in the towns of Ludlow and St. Johnnsbury.  These funds were made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Descriptions of the the projects are provided below. 

Rural Development has approved a loan of $1,974,800 to the Village of Ludlow.

Funds will used to upgrade undersized and critical water lines, construct a new storage tank and replacement of pressure reducing valves. The added storage capacity and new lines will increase the needed system pressure and bring the village in compliance with fire flow requirements

Rural Development has approved a loan of $775,000 and a grant of $2,325,000 to the Town of St. Johnsbury.

Replacement of the Airport Hill water tank, which has outlived its useful life and is rusting through. Replacement of the Fairbanks Drive 6” line with a 12”, which will allow fire protection. Clean and line Overcliff tank main, which is nearing 100 years old. The St. Johnsbury system looses almost as much water as is consumed due to the deteriorated state of the system.